Sunday, June 12, 2011

There is Still Time to Win!

**Updated total: $350.00**

As of right now, 8 people have donated to Ian's fund! I know there are some of you out there that are in a crunch financially, or maybe you are also trying to fund your own adoption, and maybe you think you cant spare anything. Maybe you would like to help, but you feel bad for taking away from your own adoption.

I understand! We are adopting and I know how hard it is when you want you own child home so badly, and yet your heart breaks for other families who are so close...yet so far away.

God's heart is for orphans. It's written all throughout the Bible- He is the Father of the Fatherless. He could save them all, find them all families, fund every adoption in a heartbeat.
But what a wonderful blessing it is that He hasn't, in that He asks us to be a part of bringing families together, to sacrifice for the purpose of helping give a child a home, love, safety, and the love of Jesus.
To give any amount will be to help Ian come home.
If you can give $5 you are a part of this.
If you give $100 you are a part of this.

You don't have to be rich to save a life, you just have to step out and trust that the Father of the fatherless is also our Provider, and He is faithful.
He is not in the business of leaving us in our hour of need, and He blesses those who bless others.

Please read what Gretchen has written on her blog about their need. Please see it from her perspective- a mother desperate for her son.

I am extending the giveaway for awhile, and anyone who donates ANYTHING to Ian's fund will be entered to win a
$100 Visa Giftcard.

Please leave me a comment and tell me how much you donated so I can tell you all the total at the end. You can leave a comment under this post or scroll down to the previous post and leave one there.

We need people to dig deep, to step up, to challenge the devil and show him what Love is made of. What happens if we don't raise this money now? To tell the absolute truth, if we would miss our court date because we didn't have the money, Ian will very likely pass away within a year or two. He will be transferred to an institution that he cannot be adopted out of, and he will die there. He will face multiple surgeries, one major, in his country (that alone could be it for him), and our hearts will be broken forever. We would never have the chance to adopt him again (if we missed court because we could not come up with the money needed). It would be devastating.

To tell another absolute truth, we could put this almost $9,000 on a credit card and carry that debt until the adoption credit comes through next year at tax time, and we would, if the day came to travel and we had not raised this last eight thousand dollars. We will NOT let Ian be sent on the car ride, and we will not miss our court date...he is our son already in our hearts and we would go to ends of the earth for him.

We do not want to do that however, because we know for certain that Ian is facing multiple surgeries, and when that time comes, we will be faced with insurance co-pays of 10%. What does heart surgery cost these days? $100,000? That would be a $10K co-payment. Leave time from work, COBRA costs, Ian's schooling, Ari's treatment (which incidentally Autism is NOT covered by insurance), and on and on. So, we yes, we could put it on a credit card and call it done but we have prayed about this and God's answer was to us was to go to his people for this last little bit to get Ian home, so we have what we need to cover Ian's surgeries when he comes home. Imagine trying to fund raise for that.

We beg for our Christian family to step forward and help us answer God's call to care for orphans. We are bringing Ian into our home forever. He may never live on his own, but that does not matter to us - what matters is that he LIVE, and he and we need all of you and everyone you know, to stop for a moment and make hearing about Ian and a need that is being shown, the most important part of your day in the coming week.

Our final dossier is in Ian's country. We expect to travel for court within 4 weeks, and 10 days later, return to bring Ian home. We have been told by our agency to prepare for first week in July court date.

Time is fleeting, we are at this hour, "just" $8,835.00 short of what we need to, as we say in the south - Git-R-Done! (humor sustains us:)

Seems like a lot, but not for God.
He has already provided more than $23,000.00 in donations for an adoption that will come close to a $50,000 price tag.
Ian's nation being among the most expensive and longest from start to finish.

I will keep this page up for awhile to allow more people to donate! Check back as I will post the amount raised periodically- Help us raise $1000 for Ian!


  1. Hey Jessie,
    I love your heart for the Lord it is so tender and sweet towards those with a need! I donated and am praying for adorable little Ian and for his wonderful family! Resting in the confidence that our Great Provider and Sovereign God knows all and is always, always good!

  2. Thank you once again Jessie! I hopped on over today expecting to see a winner and what I see is that GOD and LOVE continue to WIN! We love you guys' hearts and what you are doing for us. EVERY PENNY counts! With the money you have helped to raise, we can knock Ian's passport fee off the list of things we need to yet fund! Next up, is Ian's plane ticket home! Thank you!

  3. We just donated...while we weren't able to give much, I pray that God will multiply it like the loaves and fish to supply their every need. He is so precious!

  4. I just donated $25, and if I win, I am going to give the card to Gretchen for whatever she wants/needs to do with it ...:)

  5. By the way, my name is Rosemary ...