Tuesday, May 31, 2011

A Small Request...

I thought tomorrow was June 1st. Darn.
I love the beginning of Summer.
Well, I guess it is,technically, since its after midnight as I write this.

Why am I up at midnight you ask? (You know you did...)

Because I have heaved this notebook that weighs as much as my 3 year old and contains all our adoption paperwork and multiple sets of copies onto my lap and I can't get it off.
I am praying that tomorrow we will finally, FINALLY get Jeremiah's proof of employment letter and then we'll be able to send this stuff off to USCIS and get our fingerprinting appt.

I hope I never, ever have to talk about Paperwork again. I'm sick of that word.
At least until our next adoption. hehe. hopefully...

Anyway, we need our letter to get here and our stuff sent off to USCIS, get our fingerprints done, and have everything State Certified and to our agency preferably in the next 18 days, when some of our Homestudy documents start to expire.
Thats really fast.
Probably a little too-humanly-possible-fast.
But our Great Big God can do it.
Will you pray for us this week?