Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Why I Love My Husband

#47: He is Persistent.
#53 He is Stubborn.
#13 He makes me laugh.

Because I oft forget how much I love my dear sweet soulmate, He thought he'd remind me this weekend by combining all those winning traits and putting on a show.

Do enjoy...

I guess you could say it's all Ethan's fault- he asked his daddy to play frisbee ball with him while Jeremiah was working on the truck.

"Sure son, I'll play with you," He said in his best Daddy voice," There's nothing more important to me than bonding with my oldest boy."

Unfortunately, that didn't last long.
"No problem, son," He said encouragingly, " We'll get it down in a jiffy!"

He gracefully sent Ethan's golf club sailing through the Spring air like a javelin.
Unfortunately, he never learned how to throw a javelin.

That's a big walking stick that lives on our porch and never goes anywhere.
Except up.

This is so much better than tv. And I'm getting a major workout as I lay dying laughing on the porch.

"You're not going to blog about this, are you?" He asks with child-like innocence.
"Oh, honey, that's cute." I say, admiring both his level of hopefulness and lack of realism.
Of course I'm going to blog about it.

Next up ( no pun intended) is a hammer. Hitting the roof, and just narrowly missing the telephone line, the hammer is the next to get stuck.
He really nailed that one. Hehehe.

That folks, is Yard Art on a budget. Kind of like a DIY Chirstmas Tree.
Frisbee Ball
Golf Club
Walking Stick
and a partridge in a RedBud Tree.

Finally, in one last exhausted effort to prove the Law of Gravity, He brings out his chainsaw.
"Are you going to throw it up or cut the tree down?" I ask quizzically. At this point, anything could happen.

But fortunately, for both our homeowner's insurance and our health insurance deductable, he suddenly remembers the Biggest Pole In The World in our garage and valiantly risks major injury to prove that what goes up must come down.


  1. So funny. (No offense Jeremiah!) I love my determined son-in-law. He is one of my two most favorites! Pam/Mom/Nomi