Saturday, February 12, 2011

A bunch of things all rolled into one (post)

We had our final homestudy meeting Friday-the one where our Social Worker came over and talked with us and did the home inspection. It went really well, our SW is a really nice girl, just a year younger than me, but really educated about international adoption. We spent all week preparing-we painted all the trim and cabinets, painted the bathroom, put in a new ceiling in the school room, cleaned the garage, and did a lot of other things here and there. Of course, we had lots of help from the Brickers and my mom. But it was pretty fun and exciting getting ready for it.
Its neat because the very first adoption blog I ever read, the one that God really used to start the ball rolling for us,was a family that was getting ready for their home visit. And they just recently got back from their first trip to Ethiopia to see their little boy.
Everyone asked if I was stressed out about it or nervous, but honestly I wasn't. I felt comfortable enough with our SW and knew what she expected to see. I guess I also felt confident that this is in God's hands, and Zoey is ours whether we "passed" or not; its in His timing. So I was pretty excited about it. Although, after it was over I had to go take a nap {which I never do} I think the mental and physical exhaustion finally took over.
So what's next you ask?
(go on, ask)
Well, we need to file our taxes and get Jeremiah's letter of employment back from HR. Also we are waiting on proof on life and health insurance, and that is it!! Our SW will write up a report that will be put in our dossier recommending us for adoption, and then it will get sent over. Hopefully, in my mind anyway, that will be sometime in March. Maybe, maybe not. And then we wait. Going strictly by current wait list timelines, for a girl 0-12 months we should expect to wait 7-11 months from the time our dossier gets to Ethiopia. But we are requesting 0-18 months, so that could be a little different. And, since our God is not constricted by timelines and dates and statistics and what-not, it's really hard to say when we could expect to get her referral. Could be 2 months, could be 17, although I hope not. I would love to have her home by Christmas, personally.
Ethan is about to turn 5. As I write this, he is sleeping his last night as a 4 year old. I can't believe it.Actually I try not to think about it.
I was lighting the candles on his cake tonight and someone reminded me that there should be one more. I had only put on 4.
See? Denial.

Most of the night was spent chasing Charlotte and Caden around with a remote control car he got, which they loved. I think I know what to get Jeremiah for Father's Day now. He had as much fun with it as Ethan.

I love it when they do this.

Oh, I got a new camera this week, a belated Christmas present, so you will be seeing lots more pictures of the kids, which I know you've all missed since my other one broke.

We started homeschool (again) and reallyreallytrulyIpromise this time we are going to stick with it. I got the Sonlight Kindergarten Curriculum and so far we love it. I love that it covers a bunch of different topics and involves a lot of reading, and that its all planned out for me. The kids love it because they are getting to learn about some really interesting things and make some messy crafts. They've memorized two bible verses so far and love to sing them, and we are learning about all things Australia. Our letter sounds so far have been F and B.
Last week we made Mammoth Tusk necklaces and next week we are going to mummify a Barbie doll.

Happy Valentine's Day!

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  1. YAY! I am celebrating with you on the final home study visit :) We are in the middle of our homestudy visit.

    Way to go on getting back into homeschooling. We, too, are a homeschooling family. While it can be trying at times, it is so very, very rewarding!

    Praying for you all ;)