Monday, December 6, 2010

Up Hill Both Ways {But God is Good}

That is what it seemed like this week, getting ready for our two fundraisers this weekend.
Every little thing that I was trying to do in preparation seemed like it was being thwarted by satan. Have you ever felt like that? Ugh...
So while you all were going through the 12 Days of Christmas here, at home we were dealing with:
2 cases of pink eye(Ethan and Charlotte)
2 ear infections( Charlotte)
{no sleep}
1 unknown virus (Caden)
I had to buy a new iron for sewing
I couldn't clean the bank since the kids were sick( that money goes into our adoption fund)
I had a crown put on(not cheap!), which resulted in some sort of extremely painful ulcer in my mouth, the meds for which werent covered by our insurance, and didn't work anyway
sewing machine meltdown before the craft fair on Friday
no one would let us hand out fliers for the Salon Day Fundraiser
our oven quit working on Saturday night, just as I was getting ready to bake goodies for Sunday.
Only a handful of people came to the Salon- and none from the hours we spent walking around with the fliers from store to store.

I'm not complaining about all this-please don't see it that way. I'm just trying to illustrate how satan works sometimes. He does not want this adoption to happen. He knows that adoption is a reflection of our adoption in Christ, and he hates another child finding a home, a family, and God's love through this all. He hates how it is uniting our church family at the same time he is trying to divide us and keep us from worshiping as one body. He hates that our eyes are being opened to what 'loving your neighbor' really looks like. He hates that people are sacrificing to bring Zoey home. He hates that God is being glorified.

God is good. God is bigger than all these little issues. He is not bound by circumstances or situations. Unlike me, he doesn't have a budget.

When I worry about not getting this done or that done, or timing or cost or whatever, I sometimes think God just laughs.

"Oh ye of little faith..."

He could send someone with a big fat check to cover all our fees, or he could literally send the money falling from the sky.
But instead He, in His infinite wisdom, is choosing to make us work and trust and go one step at a time, just one foot in front of the other, on this road that is unpaved and untraveled.
He shines His light only enough for that next step, but somehow, it is enough.

From our two fundraisers this weekend, He brought us right at $700 closer to Zoey!

Thank you to everyone who came out in support of us and Zoey!

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  1. Sorry you've had such a frustrating week! You had a lot to deal with, and pretty much any of those things by themselves would have been enough to handle (like getting a crown-yikes, or sick kid/s), but with them all thrown in together, it's amazing you've survived. On a lighter note, here's something fun to think about...God already know exactly who your Zoey is and He's going to make your adoption process (including fundraising)take exactly the right amount of time that it takes for her to be ready to join your family. The Zoey of today or the Zoey of three years from now wouldn't be the same Zoey as the one He has already chosen for you. In His perfect timing, he will bring you together with your Zoey, so hang in there in the mean time! :) Hope this week is much better!