Thursday, December 2, 2010

The Eleventh Day: Live FashionABLE

Live FashionABLE exists to serve vulnerable women of Ethiopia- girls, single women, wives, and mothers who have become entangled in prostitution as a way to provide food for themselves and their children. For an uneducated, poor woman of low class status, with no training, prostitution is often the only choice.
So out of necessity, to survive, they sell their bodies for food money, for a night of shelter, for anything they can.

But you can help provide a ray of hope, a light in the darkness for these women.

Buy buying a scarf from FashionABLE, you can help create and sustain a safe, consistent well-paying job for women rescued from the chains of prostitution. The profits allow them to house, educate, and feed the women, plus enable them to bring other women off the street and train them as well. The women are gifted with dignity, safety, restoration, and a new life.
And you are gifted with a beautiful, handmade scarf. Each scarf is only $22 and comes with a handwritten message from the woman who made it.

BezuayhuDemberMulu Off-White

Give the gift of a warm scarf, give the gift of new life!

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