Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Conversations With Ethan-Presents for Jesus

Usually I don't post any context to our conversations. I just let it be what it is.
This week was our M.O.M.S group Happy Birthday Jesus Party. I was excited to go.
I'm sure it was great.
See, being the Minimal Effort Mom that I am I forgot to write it on my calendar. If something isn't on that calendar that hangs in the kitchen, it doesn't exist in my wonderful little bubble.
Doctor's appointments, dentist appointments, birthday parties, church events...
We miss alot of things.

Surely something as Magnanimous as Jesus' birthday party would have found it's way onto the calendar. I mean, He is the Reason for the Season after all.


Hence the following conversation...
Me: Do you think we should have a birthday party for Jesus this year? We could have cake and decorate."
Ethan: "Yeah! Sure!"
Me: "What kind of presents do you think we should give Jesus?"
Ethan: "A jewelry box! With jewelry in it!"
Me: " Well, Jesus is in Heaven so its kinda hard for him to open his presents-maybe we could do something nice for someone else, I think He would like that."
Ethan: "Well, we could just buy Him some presents, and wrap them up and then open them at His birthday party."
Me: "Yeah, but then what would we do with them?"
Ethan: "We could just put them up somewhere. He would like that. We could open them while He's watching, and then He would say, "Whoa! I like that!' I think that would be fun. He would like it. Let's do that."


  1. Hey! The Happy Birthday Jesus party is Monday the 20th so you can still go! Unfortunately I Have to work so we wont be able to make it:( but I just thought I would let you know so you don't have to miss it. Love you!

  2. haha see? thats why i need to put these things on the calendar!