Monday, November 22, 2010

Fourth Day of Christmas: Reece's Rainbow Angel Tree

I read not too long ago that the abortion rate in the US of babies who are deemed to have Down Syndrome is 94%. Of all the babies whose test results come back as likely-positive of DS, 94% are killed. Roughly 66,000 children thrown away.
Deemed worthless.
Did you know that the waiting list to adopt a Down Syndrome baby in the US is currently about 300 families long? That means that if you are adopting, and in your report, you say you would like a baby with Down Syndrome, there will be on average 300 families ahead of you in line to receive the very next baby with DS available for adoption.
If you've been around here for long, you know my feelings about the children at Reece's Rainbow. RR is not an adoption agency, but rather a site that advocates for children with Down Syndrome, Cerebral Palsy, and HIV in Russia, Eastern Europe and China.

There are no lines of families waiting to adopt babies with Down Syndrome in these countries. There are no social programs, support groups, therapies, or counselors for families that dare to keep their mentally disabled child in these countries, if they are even allowed to. Most are removed from their families at birth or shortly after. The parents are disowned, they lose their jobs, their families, their marriages, all in the name of dedication and love to their child who, in their country, is called worthless, meaningless, and unwanted.

Reece's Rainbow offers hope.
They provide pictures and medical information of children who are desperately waiting for a family.
Children who are running out of time.
Each child has a separate account tied to him or her, which is funded solely by donation. Whatever is in their account is used to fund their adoption. The entire amount is given to the adopting parents. Some children have $0,some have a couple of hundred dollars. I have even seen some with almost $30,000.

Money is the only thing that stands between these children and a family.
Just. Money.

Just a willingness to throw off the weight of the "American Dream" and put on the freedom of what Christ calls True Religion. Just a step (or a leap)of faith out into the dark wilderness of Obedience with only the Light of the World to guide you.

There is a way that you can help these children find a family to love, cherish, nurture, and comfort them this Christmas. You can donate to Reece's Rainbow's Christmas Angel Tree. For a donation of $35 or more to a specific child, you will receive an ornament with that child's photo and name that you can hang on your tree, or put in a loved one's stocking as a reminder of your special connection to that child.
Your donation will help ease the financial burden for prospective adopting families, and show that these children are worth fighting for.

This would be a great ornament to put on your own Christmas tree, as a reminder to pray with your children for those around the world who are lonely and in need of rescue. God is definitely in the business of answering prayers. Pray with your children, for your Angel Tree child, and see if God doesn't show Himself faithful! Who knows- you may end up being the family that was meant for him/her all along!

From the RR website:
All of these children could be HOME with their "forever families" by next Christmas. Money is the ONLY thing keeping them apart. Every penny helps. It all adds up. Make a donation, purchase an ornament…send a check, use Paypal, or even donate stock! It's so easy to "give the gift of a family" this holiday season.

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