Thursday, July 29, 2010

What a Week

This has been one crazy week around here. VBS has been awesome- lots of fun and it really is a blessing to be working with such amazing women of God and seeing all our hard work come together and come alive for these kids.

But as it is the last day, I really don't feel bad in saying:
I need a nap.
And a date with my husband. I miss him. Poor guy has barely got to see us this week.
And also chocolate anything would help-
Chocolate candy bar
Chocolate cookies
Chocolate covered Tylenol.

And Charlotte and Caden are both feeling better. This was the worst week to have sick babies but thankfully they are on the mend.

We have decided on August 13th and 14th for our second yard sale. We are in the process of moving everything to my mom's in hopes of a bigger turnout. And since people have asked, yes we will take donations of items if you want to bring anything by, it will be greatly appreciated.

Also I am going to be putting up a little something in the sidebar to keep all those who have been asking apprised on what step we are on in the adoption process and the total amount needed for the step we are on. I have gone over in my head if I should do that or not, because I don't want anyone to feel like we are asking them for help.That is why I haven't put a 'Donate' Button up like alot of adoption blogs. But since it seems to be a general inquiry, I will just put it out there. Plus on the other hand, I want to share with you the awesome ways the Lord is providing for this, and that is one little way of doing that. Since it will pretty much all have to come from Him, He should get all the glory anyway.

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