Thursday, June 3, 2010

Field Trip: SavannahLand!

Last week we went to SavannahLand with the M.O.M.S group at church, and I just realized I forgot to post about it!So here it is...

When you first start the tour, they bring in some really cute babies and you can touch them or hold them.

I made the mistake of calling this thing a baby Kangaroo.

"Its not a kangaroo! Its a WALLABY!"

It's a good thing that girl was cute.

I want a blanket made of these. Alive would be ok. Like a really snuggly Snuggie.

You would think that holding a monkey would be fun. It looks cute and soft...
from a distance.
I mean, it even had a diaper on. That should be adorable.
So I asked if I could hold it.
That was a mistake.
That first picture is me both in disbelief that I am actually holding a baby monkey,
and trying not to look like I want to throw up.
You know, for the kids.
To be completely honest, just in case you ever want to do this sort of thing...
I was really, really grossed out.
Let me see if I can explain how it felt.

It was like holding a baby-
A really skinny,
With a tail.

And the diaper didn't help at all.
So I tried to give it back.

"Ok, maybe someone else wants a turn??
hehe please?

"Aw it's ok. She just needs to warm up to ya! Let her wrap her tail around your arm there."

I did not want to let her warm up to me.
I did not want her tail to wrap around me.
I wanted to throw her off me and go take a shower.

But I didn't.
I held her a little bit longer.
He finally took her back when she started eating my shirt.


On to the tour...

Bigger than I thought they would be. Of course, I've only ever seen them in the Lion King.

"Wow Mom! Look at that deer! Dad would shoot that deer!"
Yes, son, yes he would.


Charlotte was really brave about getting in there and feeding the animals, until they opened their mouths.

Monkeys. Or Apes. Or something. I never can tell.

More Monkeys.
I just love this little boy. He and Ethan are really good friends. He's so sweet and cuddly. And I love the way he says my name.
I have big plans for this boy in about 20 years.

Crazy big porcupines.
I asked Ethan if he liked these, since they were my favorite part, and he said,
"Yeah, but I didn't want them to spike me with their thorns!"

A face only a mother one of these could love. I think it was a Tapir.

Sandbox. Big hit.

Better than a baby monkey.

Other than being a little hot, it was a really fun time. I can't believe I'd never been there before.


  1. Where is Savannahland?! I've never heard of it!

  2. Cute and so funny! The story about holding the monkey is hilarious! I always wanted to hold one. Not anymore. Remind me of that when I go to Savannahland with you. Love, Mom