Thursday, May 20, 2010

I don't think I have ever really appreciated the value of a kid leash until this week.

Sure they are great for going to the mall, State Fair, or just on a walk through the ol' neighborhood.
But the other day-whichever day it wasn't raining this week- Ethan asked if they could play with them.
Those kids entertained themselves for a good hour. And I got to work in the garden. And Caden got to sleep in peace and quiet.

BTW- I need help. I matched up our basket of socks last night and guess how many I have without partners?

Go on- guess.
That's just ridiculous.
And some of them have been around for years, just pining away for their long lost solemate.
So what do I do with them?
What would you do?
Should I just throw them out?
But then what if I find the other ones?
I don't want to be hanging on to this basket of loneliness and despair forever. I mean, will I have to take it with me if we move? I don't want to bring that kind of baggage into a new home.
What is the protocol for something like this?