Monday, May 24, 2010

Conversations With Ethan

Ethan:"Mom I want to tell you about my dream!"
Me:"What was it?"
Ethan:"There was lots of eels!"
Me:"Ew- What were they doing?"
Ethan:"They were swimmin' around!"
Me:"Were you swimming too?"
Ethan:"No I was watching them."
Me:"Oh. Then what happened?"
Ethan:" Then everyone decided to go into the basketball game but there wasn't any basketball people and then the basketball house started to shake this way and that way."(moves his hands side to side)
Me:"Oh no! Then what happened?"
Ethan:"I touched an eel!"
Me:"What did it feel like?"
Ethan:"It was flat. And people were throwing tennis balls where the eels were and some fell into the water-it was a creek-and so there was a halloween party and I was there. I was there."

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