Monday, April 12, 2010

Happy Birthday Mom!

Hi Mom!
Happy Birthday!!

( Sorry I didn't get you anything. )

Today is your day, Happy Birthday to you!
You had three amazing kids- congrats on making it through.
It's no small feat to raise two girls and a boy
especially those younger ones, but your oldest was sure a joy!
Thanks for having me first, and giving me your looks
and for teaching me to read, and play nice, and sew, and cook.
I'm also glad you had me first- that makes me #1!
I know you love us "all the same" (wink wink) but secretly, I mean come on, look at me.I'm awesome.
You are short in height, but you have a big heart
you always encouraged us and made us feel smart.
You have lots of friends, you know everyone's name
all your friends are your best friends and you make strangers feel the same.
From that lady at McDonald's, to our old teachers and friends of friends,
you can't keep your own kids names straight, but you can remember all of them.
You make a mean cinnamon roll and yummy rolls from scratch
speaking of which, can you whip me up a batch? (They sure are good!)
You go by many names- Pam, Nomi, Mom
But all of them mean exactly the same---
You're the bomb!


I hope you have a great day!!
love, Jessie.

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  1. Oh Jessie!! I love every word!! And yes, I will make you some cinnamon rolls! My birthday has been wonderful because of all my #1s!!! Love, Mom