Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Big Joe

While playing outside today, we found this guy under a rock in the front yard.
His name is "Big Joe". He's a monster.

Here is is with "Skinny Joe." Just hanging out, as worms do.

"Whatcha got for lunch today?"
"Dirt again, you?"
"Dirt. Wanna trade?"

Last night we emptied out the jar of worms we've been collecting and measured them. Funny thing, I thought we had 12, but we could only find 9. Hmm..

Some of them were feisty little critters. Ethan and I just held them down and drew a line from head(foot?) to foot(head?). Kind of like they measure the babies at the doctor's.
Then I used the ruler to measure them.
We made this:

and I asked Ethan some simple questions like which were the longest ones ( the red worms) and which were the smallest ones( the white worms). Then we traced his hand and measured his fingers and found that 3 of the worms were as long as 3 of his fingers, which he thought was pretty cool.

We let all the worms go last night. Big Joe will not be setting foot inside my house. I don't mind normal sized worms, but he was as fat as my finger, and that is just weird.
Not that my fingers are fat.
They are perfectly proportionate, thank you very much.

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