Friday, March 12, 2010

Conversations With Ethan

Ethan: " Do you think Alyssa's baby will have brown skin or regular skin?"
Me: "Well...what do you mean?"
Ethan:"Some people have brown skin and some people have regular skin, like you and me and Charlotte and Daddy and Caden."
Me: "Oh?"
Ethan:"Remember when we went to the zoo and we went inside that place with the log? There was people with brown skin there. Did you see them?"
Me: "Maybe, I don't remember. So what color skin do you think Alyssa's baby will have?"
Ethan:"Um, I don't know."
Me: "Well what kind of skin do Ben and Alyssa have?"
Ethan:"Regular skin."
Me: "And what about Olivia and Selah?"
Ethan:"They have regular skin too."
Me:" So then what kind of skin do you think the baby will have?"
Ethan:"Brown skin."

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