Monday, March 29, 2010

Boulder is a funny place. I like it alot- the shops, the kid friendly outdoor activities, the good food, and the beautiful mountains and huge...boulders(hmm-maybe that's where the city gets its
name :). It's definitely a difference from Kansas City.
Things I have seen alot of here:
Hiking Trails
Outdoor Musicians
Hikers, Bikers, Runners
It's not somewhere I would probably want to live, but its a great place to visit. The outdoor shopping place we visited today and yesterday is really cool- Lots of big rocks for kids to play on, musicians and entertainers, plus really neat, unique shops.
I wish I could take these back with me for the kids.

This guy was amazing. Covered hat to spurs in gold paint.He stood so still, I didn't know he was alive. When I put a dollar in his bucket(for the picture), he bowed and tipped his hat.
Becky taught Caden how to make coffee.
I don't know what I'm going to do with this guy once we get home and he remembers it's not all about him. He can barely stand for me to go out of the room. I think I've created a monster.

It's been really really fun, but I'm ready to come home and see my babies and my sweetie.
See you tomorrow!

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