Friday, January 8, 2010

With An Uncle Like This, Who Needs Friends?

Danny is leaving for Bahrain today. Please pray for his safety. He will be gone about 2 weeks.
Update: My cousin Jude is getting a biopsy on the tumor today. It is not in his brain, and is not in his eye, which is a huge blessing. It seems that in the summer he fell down some stairs and fractured part of his skull on the concrete floor. The tumor was apparently already there, but no one knew, and when the bone opened up, it pushed through and made itself known. So hopefully they will be able to tell what kind it is, and form a plan of attack. Otherwise, they say he is acting as normal as any other 4 year old. They are at Children's Mercy, which I know from Charlotte's seizure last Spring, is a great hospital to be at. Please continue to pray for him today as they will have to put him out to do the biopsy, and then as they wait for the results. Thanks!

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