Friday, December 25, 2009

Merry Christmas!!

"Rejoice, Rejoice Immanuel has come to thee O Israel!"
* * *
Merry Christmas Everyone! I hope each of you knows how special you are to us, and how much we love you and are thankful to the Lord to have you in our lives.
Christmas is my favorite time of year. Today I feel like a little kid- its a White Christmas! I haven't seen a really truly White Christmas in I don't know how long. But even as we were driving home last night in the sleet and snow and slippery roads, I couldn't help but feel giddy inside that on Christmas morning it would be a real Winter Wonderland. And it's beautiful!
But that's not why it's my favorite holiday. Of couse it's because I get to celebrate the birth of my Savior. Even though I'm a Christian all year long, it's today that I can just bask in the miracle of his birth ( which by the way, blows my mind) and rejoice in the fact that I am no longer lost and wandering like the Israelites so long ago. I have hope and a home in Christ Jesus and am no longer a slave to sin, but a slave to His love and righteousness. Hallelujah!
I don't care a bit if this is his actual day or even month of birth. He still left his Heavenly throne to be born a human baby in a dirty barn and lived a humble life all to die a horrible, undeserved, and humiliating death so that I -(me :wow!) and you would have hope and a chance to come to Him and be saved from our sins. He showed us what love is in that while we were still sinners, He died for us. And then, as the icing on that sweet sweet cake, he was resurrected and conquered death to bring us everlasting life.
I totally don't deserve him, but I love him and I praise his high and holy name.
That is what I really love about Christmas. The snow is nice, but it will soon just be wet muddy patches, the presents are fun for awhile until they wear out, and the company of friends and family is wonderful, but then everyone goes home and you are just left with a mess.
But Christ is eternal. He lives now and someday, he will return and then, so will we live forever who believe and accept what he did for us on the Cross. He died for all of us-past, present, and future; White, Black, Asian, Eskimo, Muslim, Hindu, Catholic, Americans, Midddle-Eaterners, Canadians, Pacific-Islanders, Nuns, Children, Old people, Bank Robbers, Psychopaths, Housewives, Mailmen,Junkies, and Schoolteachers. He died for each and everyone of us. That gift is one that can never be returned or broken,and one size fits all.
I hope that everyone reading this accepts that gift and cherishes as much as I do. Because like Santa, he is making a list. And He will be back in the blink of an eye. And I want all of you in Heaven with me someday making a big old glorius mess.
~Merry Christmas!~

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