Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Boys and Girls...

Sunday evening, we went to Josiah and Sarah's place for a bonfire and foshees (foshies?phoeshies?), which are hard to spell, but really fun to make.

When you first put them in the fire, it looks like this, and you think it might burn up.

But if it works, it will suddenly take off like a little paper hot air balloon. They are pretty fast, hence the blurriness. Sorry.

Somehow we got on to the topic of boys and girls, and Rebekah, Abigail, and I were trying to explain to Ethan what a tomboy is.
Me:"Charlotte is more of a tomboy because she likes to climb trees and play outside and stuff like that."
Rebekah:"And Olivia is a girly-girl because she likes to dress up and be a princess. She's more like I was and Charlotte is a tomboy like Abigail was."
Ethan:"No, Abigail is a BIG DORK!"
Which, I guess, is also true.


  1. O my goodness I miss my little ones. They are soooo stinkin cute!!!!!