Thursday, October 1, 2009


Happy October 1st everyone!
Where do the days go? Summer is officially gone and Fall is here...though you sure can't tell by the weather.
But the leaves are changing colors and falling to the ground, and that is a sure sign that colder days are just around the corner.
This is our favorite time of year around here, though for different reasons.
I love the smells of burning wood, the cool,wet air and the reds, oranges, and yellows in the trees. I love sight of fat pumpkins and knobby gourds and indian corn by the side of the road, and the warmness of flannel shirts.
Jeremiah loves that he can go and kill things in the woods with his brothers.
No, I really do understand the pull that the woods has on a man this time of year.
And I am no bear-hugging tree lover, but I do enjoy the baby deer and their mamas that show up on Jeremiah'g game cam. They're just so cute and spotty and adorable...
where was I going with this?
Oh yeah.
I've learned not to be surprised at what ends up in our garage, our freezer, or the back of Jeremiah's truck.
Since God gave us animals for food, its a little hard for me to argue that we shouldn't eat them. Even the cute ones.
But hey, at least I dont have to go catch them
I actually said that to Jeremiah once. I know- hard to believe something like that could slip out of my mouth.
Me: (As he was leaving to go deer hunting) " Good luck! I hope you catch one!"
Jeremiah: "Catching one might be kind of hard, hon, they're pretty fast."
I love this picture. I remember feeling tiny feet pressed up against my tummy like that. (And no, that is not me.)
I wonder if mommy deer enjoy feeling their baby deer kick their tummies.
But that's beside the point.
That Jeremiah has my permission to kill anything he wants out there.
As long as it's not very cute.
Like opossums.

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