Thursday, October 29, 2009


Is that a word?
Here, I will use it in a sentence:
"The Autumn air smelled sweet and appley today."
I think that works.

Ethan, Caden, and I went with some friends from church to the Louisburg Cider Mill today.

Can you believe they get all these apples from their one and only apple tree?

Well don't. "Cause it's ain't true.

They get 3 semi trucks full of apples delivered every day.
Sweet, crisp, appley apples.
That word is growing on me...
They get cleaned, stemmed, pressed, squashed,and juiced.

Then the cider is poured into jugs and sealed.
BTW: Do you know what the difference is between apple juice and apple cider?
I didn't. So I asked.
Apple Juice: Apples, Sugar, Water
Apple Cider: Apples

And then came the good part.

Oh, the anticipation...

Apple Cider Donuts!
Cinnamony, Sugary, un-appley donuts! (You can't even taste the cider.)
They make so many of these a day, it made my head swim, and my tummy smile.
I wonder if they have any job openings?

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  1. I just bought Louisburg cider yesterday! I'm glad it is local... I wasn't sure. It just looked cloudier than Stephenson's, so I thought that must be better.

    By the way, this is your cousin, Hannah. Sarah H. told me about your blog and how great it was... she was so right!