Tuesday, September 29, 2009


Remember in middle school when you kept a diary? And in high school? And part of college? (when you called it your "journal")

And remember when you would write everything that happened on a given day, no matter how trivial, because you wanted, someday, after you were gone, for your children to find it in the attic when cleaning your house to sell. And dusting it off and bringing it down to their kids, they would all gather 'round and your kid would say " My mom was a great woman. Look what she left for us to remember her by" And he would with great flourish open your well worn diary (or journal, whatever) and begin to read:

March 24 :

Had lunch with Tiffaney and Sarah. Derek walked by and I finally had the guts to say hi, and he turned and looked at me!! He said Hi!! Then he laughed and said "Um, you have cheetos in your braces"


Me neither...

Anyway, if I could relate, I would say that for some reason I feel like that is how this adventure into blogging will turn out.

Welcome to my world.

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